Special OEM Mitsubishi recommendation for automatic transmission fluid (420a Mitsubishi Eclipse). After 2007, vehicles using Mercon can be filled with Mercon V. Mercon V was introduced in 1997 for use in the … This video is about Toyota WS ATF, everything about the ws atf. It's also interesting that Redline actually suggests their D4 fluid (which is dexron III) and not their D6 fluid as a replacement for WS. Super Tech DEXRON VI Automatic Transmission Fluid, 1 qt - Walmart.com Super Tech DEXRON VI Automatic Transmission Fluid, 1 qt: Toyota Cressida 1978-1992 . I changed the fluid in my 2010 FJ with Amsoil. Genuine Toyota ATF T-IV; 1 Quart Container. 0 Reviews. Mitsubishi diamond atf sp iii transmission fluid equivalent. Toyota ATF WS Automatic Transmission Fluid 4 Quarts 00289-ATFWS. Toyota Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF WS; Toyota Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF WS SKU: Toy-00289-ATFWS. Mercon is used in Ford vehicles and is not compatible with mercon lv atf walmart Ford and Toyota's type F fluid. Walmart is a retailer, not a manufacturer. Mobil 1 122973 ATF Dexron VI Oil, 1 qt. Alternative to Toyota WS ATF. It is a flushing ATF. TOYOTA AUTOMATIC ATF WS 12 QTS. My wifes Rav4 had worse looking at 22,000. $9.20 Qty: i h. Add to wishlist. I will likely never go back to Toyota ATF. I am headed to Walmart in a couple of days, if they have it in stock I might just buy it and end my search for the perfect WS ATF replacement. Being down 2-quarts as you mentioned seemed too much, but no biggy if the level is tested properly and … And add a side note to test final tranny level with engine running and warm. Please refer to the owners manual to confirm this is the correct fluid for your vehicle's transmission. Add to compare list. Toyota Type T-V—synthetic low viscosity Toyota ATF, also used in Lexus vehicles. Toyota Echo 2000-2005. Provides optimum frictional performance and durability for consistently smooth shifting over the life of the transmission. 5 5. The "WS" stands for "world standard." 4 AW1 LEXUS Type WS MAZDA ATF M-3 ATF M-V 0000-77-120E-0 MERCEDES BENZ Mitsubishi Diamond ATF SP II, SP III, ATF-MA1 # MZ320762, ATF SP-IV, ATF SPH-IV Nissan MATIC S, KLE24-00002, 999MP-MTS00P, MATIC K, MATIC J, MATIC D, … Scion: Toyota Genuine ATF WS (JWS3324 or NWS9638) Volvo: 31256774, 31256775; This fluid is specified for many car models, some of which we may not have listed. NOTE NO TEXTING, THEY WILL NOT BE REPLIED TO. A colleague who used to work for Valvoline told me they maintain a very high-quality control standard. Toyota Celica 2000-2005. Add to list . $29.95. Has the world caught up with the WS formulation ? Genuine Toyota ATF – WS is Toyota’s “World Standard” automatic transmission fluid. Bottom Line NULL. If yours is more recent and does not have an ATF dipstick, that means it's full of Toyota type WS. Toyota Avalon 1995-2005. Can't tell a difference between this and the Toyota Genuine ATF WS. Specifically formulated for use in Toyota sealed automatic transmissions. 726 sold. Brand: Genuine. Johnny Kilo Sumbeotch. I had a hard time finding this info, and it looks like there is some confusion over which years and options use which fluids. As far as toyota's reliability, I would still consider it better than most. Toyota Highlander 2001-2007. PHONE OR EMAIL ONLY ALSO, In 2002, Toyota releases the Genuine ATF WS World Standard Fluid Specification JWS3324 or … WALMART GETS 123.00 A CASE. If there is no dipstick, then there will be a fill hole somewhere (up high). Add to list . So the 200 just hit 120k and my plan is to start doing regular ATF fluid drain and fills, say every 20k-30k or so. Had to replace the transmission in my 2009 Corolla, used this for new fluid. $33.99. Submitted 2020-10-26. WALMART GETS $123.00 A CASE. Also, Valvoline Full Synthetic ATF, compatible with Toyota Type IV ATF and Honda ZF, was selling at Walmart in Oct. 2013 for $16.40 a gallon, or a little over $4 a quart, whereas most auto retailers sell synthetic ATF for $8 - $10 a quart. Hyundai: WS transmission fluid, spec NWS-9638; Lexus, Toyota. Some differences in your DIY approach I would make: get an OEM filter and gasket, use thread locker on the pan bolts, use Toyota ATF WS, keep track of the ATF coming out and try to put back that exact amount. 2020-10-26 . I would buy again I would buy again. Not sold online Available online Out of stock online. $17.73 shipping. NEAR THE PROMENADE SHOP IN CENTER VALLEY. By Landon from Undisclosed. Add to registry Royal Purple 21512 Synchromax Manual Trans Fluid. Discussion in 'The Garage' started by MrPulldown, Aug 16, 2016. Not sold online Available online Out of stock online. Discussion Starter • #1 • Dec 31, 2010. ATF WS USED IN MOST TOYOTAS FROM 2002 UP. HAVE SEVERAL CASES. Toyota Camry 1995-2006. NEAR THE PROMENADE SHOP IN CENTER VALLEY. Just remove the drain plug and allow the ATF to drain, then insert the plug again, and then using a trans funnel, pour 3 quarts into the trans dipstick. If using maxlife, I might consider pumping some of the ATF out to try to replace more of it. Page 2 of 2 < Prev 1 2. Drive the car around for 15-20 minutes and do it again. The FJ forum guys all spoke well of WS, Amsoil, Maxlife. Toyota 4Runner 1984-2005. Be the first to review this product. This automatic transmission fluid type ceased production in 2007. 0 Reviews. It is said to be a semi synthetic. $17.69 shipping. Toyota Corolla 1993-2008. Not sold in stores . Price Price. Since this is a conventional automatic trans, one must be very careful not to let any particles, lint etc. Price Price. From Undisclosed. NOTE: NO TEXTING, THEY WILL NOT BE REPLIED TO. I was looking for Aisin ATF WS in any local store and instead came across a Walmart alternative that has a blurb specifcally stating it is a Toyota WS alternative. Share: Share on Twitter; Share on Facebook; Share on … Toyota Land … Can't tell a difference between this and the Toyota Genuine ATF WS. Best motor oil and transmission fluid money can buy.I am independent AMSOIL dealer. 4 Quart ATF Genuine Toyota T-IV Automatic Transmission Fluid Oil For Lexus Scion . Long term results are unknown. Let the car cool off for 5 minutes between driving it and dropping the fluid though. Found this in Walmart the other day, Super Tech ATF type VI oil, states it is suitable for use where Toyotas WS and Toyota T-IV fluids are recommended. I have used Maxlife in a ton of Toyotas. (224) 224 product ratings - 4 Quart GENUINE TOYOTA ATF WS Automatic Transmission Oil Fluid ATFWS Lexus Scion. 5 5. Toyota Genuine ATF WS Votes: 27 37.0% MaxLife Multi-Vehicle ATF Votes: 33 45.2% AMSOIL OE Fuel Efficient Votes: 8 11.0% Idemitsu TLS-LV Votes: 3 4.1% Redline D6 Votes: 1 1.4% Mag1 Low Viscosity Multi-Vehicle Votes: 1 1.4% Aisin ATF-0WS Votes: 5 6.8% BG Low Viscosity Full Synthetic ATF … I actually made a list of what I used it on here: 2008 Camry V6s (Toyota WS spec) 2008 Tundra 5.7 V8 (Toyota WS Spec) 2005 Camry I4 (Toyota T-IV spec) HAVE SEVERAL CASES. Toyota WS—this is the newest Toyota fluid and it is also a lower viscosity fluid than Type T-IV. Joined: Mar 3, 2010 Oddometer: 212 Location: Colorado Springs. I now have Redline D6 with 1.5 qts of Redline Racing and 1.5qts of Redline Racing low viscosity to closer match D6 viscosity to kill some of the slip agents. I have successfully used it for initially cleaning up very dirty and abused Toyota and Nissan automatic transmissions with over 200,000 miles from 1995-1999 that were originally designed to run Dex II-III. By Ari. 190 Posts . ATF Dexron VI GM Dexron VI, Ford Mercon LV, Toyota Type WS, JWS 3324, Nissan Matic S, Honda DW-1 low viscosity ATF, newer US & JP vehicle models ATF JA‐1 Dexron GM Dexron IIIH, IIIG, Ford Mercon, Allison C4 / TES-389 III Toyota T-III and T-IV, JWS 3309, Nissan Matic … Johnny Kilo, Nov 5, 2018 #21. Not sold in stores . I've always used Redline trans/diff fluids in my BMW's (all manual transmissions though) with no issues but I got a little sketched out by that. It is also used in Lexus vehicles. CASES 40.00 A CASE. What ATF have you used for your automatic (non hybrid) transmission which calls for Toyota ATF WS? PHONE OR EMAIL ONLY ALSO, In 2002, Toyota releases the Genuine ATF WS (World Standard) Fluid Specification (JWS3324 or NWS9638). I've found that plain old Walmart ATF to be one of the remaining Dexron II, III, Mercon fluids still on the market. - Case of 6. BOTTOM LINE NULL. A drain will yield 4 quarts, a full replacement is said to be closer to 16. Toyota considers WS a lifetime fluid, but many others do not (especially in Prius). 50,000 miles with towing and it … I hope Im not posting something already covered to death, used search engine to no avail on this product. Toyota doesn't make their fluid and with the wealth of knowledge available, there are many alternatives. Manufacturer: Toyota. I HATE WS. ATF WS USED IN MOST TOYOTAS FROM 2002 UP. ATF Type TLS-LV Engineered for and meets requirements of Toyota/Lexus/Scion Automatic Transmission with WS specifications. Please refer to your vehicle owners manual to confirm this is the correct specification fluid for your transmission.