Maybe, her long legs and arms that almost reach the ground will remind you of Slenderman, but he is just a child comparing to Siren Head. A walk in the dark forest at night is a pretty creepy adventure. This is one of the scariest horror characters ever invented. I will make a place where you find best sounds effects. In order … Maybe, her long legs and … And how about walking in a forest, where you are not alone? Have you ever looked at Siren Head and think "Man. UsualFoxy2000 172 days ago (+1) it was a challange! These loudspeakers are something that gives her this name – Siren Head. Siren Head is a 40 feet tall figure, its head resembles speakers that let out peculiar music, incorporate scraps of dialogue, and angrily shouted words and numbers. Searching for hidden objects in a dark panic room and complete puzzle. Siren Head: Awakening. • Siren Head Horror Game You will find yourself lost in the suffocating environment of the forest and will face against an unrelenting foe. That’s exactly what might happen to you when you meet a siren. Siren Head: Sound of Despair is a third person horror shooter in which you have to escape a forest in which a strange evil creature is trying to hunt you down. Seek escape by finding items necessary to survive while a … Siren Head: SCP-6789 — The Hunt Continues . The game also allows the player to interact with a phew certain objects such as lights, maps, and radios. I sure would love to date him." Original. What kind of person are you? Using these phones, Siren terrorizes people and attracts her victims that appear in the wood late at night. A short little horror game I decided to make. Engine/Language. Beef Gravy Studios 108 days ago. Play Game. Deja un comentario para el juego Siren Head Horror. Reply. Our story - siren head was hunting us, trying to kill us. Siren head : Woods is a first person horror game that focuses on immersing you in the horror with good sound design and ambientation. I wanna see you try that. Porém, antes disso, há um monstro gigante que anda na floresta e você precisa fotografá-lo! Siren Head Minecraft . Siren Head Soundboard #horror #fangame #other. No, we are not talking about the wild animals. Siren Head Horror - Venga a PacoGames para jugar Siren Head Horror en línea en su navegador. If you are searching for Siren in one of these entertainments, make sure to move to the rural areas, wait for the night, rainy weather, or fog. Despite the brief gameplay, you get a chance to meet the monster as she is – tall, terrifying, and extremely smart. You are welcome to meet her in numerous titles: According to the legend, the monster of the Siren Head horror game is ancient, possesses superhuman strength, and, despite its … Dann ein Video-Anruf und ich gehe ran, halte dabei die Kamera zu. The person runs into Siren Head and has to run away before they get killed. What ever happened to Martha? Reply. Made me shit myself big time. Examine clues and follow the trail to uncover their fate. Overview; Comments; Followers 7 Free. UsualFoxy2000 178 days ago (+2) why don't you try make a game where you play as siren head (or you can't do that) Reply. When somebody loses their way there, they are doomed! Play. Mysterious, strange, violent and what is most stunning – intelligent. Siren doesn’t seem to be similar to any other horror characters. For years, Siren Head has been killing the naïve people who appear in the woods during the night time. Check out Siren Head Dating Sim to have a magical day with Siren Head! An interesting horror game. The monster surrounds its habitat with horrifying and distorted siren noises. In the game called Siren Head you are going to meet a creature that will stay in your memory forever. العربية; česky ... Gamer Streamer Game developer Influencer Website owner. Es gratis. Hunt Siren Head in the Alktsville Forest. Bist du Siren Head? Little Cabin in the Woods – A Forgotten Hill Tale. Developed and designed by Modus Interactive, Siren Head comes with an original design, retro-style graphics, and a fun chasing sequence. Siren Head Simulator by CrazyAxesGaming @CrazyAxesGaming. Reply. She knows how to call a particular person and evoke his/her interest. This might be Siren, waiting for you to come. Siren head killing me at the start was so annoying. Siren Head 2 ... Best Games . GDevelop Published On. If you will hear someone’s crying for help in the dark forest or a mysterious old melody playing from the depths, don’t hurry up and rush there. Reply. She looks like a large transformer tower. In the game called Siren Head you are going to meet a creature that will stay in your memory forever. Free download - wait 5 sec and click "SKIP AD" in the right corner. She is a monster that looks exciting – extremely high, thin, and dark, she has large loudspeakers instead of a head. She is as tall as a house, extremely thin, and exhausted. Mysterious, strange, violent and what is most stunning – intelligent. It includes multiple different methods of moving around the game including walking/Running, truck driving and boat rowing. Thumbnail and Icon by DuckmanMLG_HD360. Vea las instrucciones en video para Siren Head Horror. When it is sleeping, it plays out white commotion. 7 Follow. These loudspeakers are connected to the radio waves and the monster can reproduce different sounds with their help. You are a forest ranger searching for a missing hiker. It is a massive creature that continually stalks the main character Freddy Anderson as he traverses South Point Meadows looking for his friends, who are implied to have been victims of the creature. The original game about Siren Head is as short as five minutes. SIREN HEAD in Russia is a game that will allow you to plunge into your worst nightmare Thanks. Siren Head Simulator Version: 0.1.0 8 months ago. If you like this item, be sure to rate and favourite! It’s one of the millions of unique, user-generated 3D experiences created on Roblox. So far im searching Siren head game. TOP Games . New Games . PedrinhoGamesBR 111 days ago. Siren Head Game World. Jogo Siren Head Horror. There is something more frightening than everything you know. Reply. But even with such a short timing, the developers were able to accommodate the all-encompassing horror. Pick up weapon and protect yourself and your family. : This game has loud sounds. Great atmosphere. It tells the story of a person (you) who is looking for a missing hiker. It is more like a part of the game, not a full version. You're stuck with your car in the middle of a dark forest with nothing but your flashlight. SquishyMain 111 days ago. Siren doesn’t seem to be similar to any other horror characters. • Siren Head Rebirth Siren Head is sneaking into the Internet these days. More information. but even scarier with siren head sounds and voices. Siren Head free play is an interactive movie rather than a full game. Her hands are so long that they nearly touch the ground. Siren Head, written in-game as Sirenhead, is the titular main antagonist of the 2020 game of the same name by Isolation Interactive based on the creature from the Trevor Henderson Mythos. in this game you will be amazed the creepy atmosphere in the scary forest. • Siren Head Garry’s Mod More info at cooperation page. Siren Head – how does she look like? May 15, 2020 Less. However, you will find Siren in other titles, like Minecraft or Fallout. Check out Siren Head. Just make sure you don't get killed. You can never be sure if it’s just a … The main distinguishing feature of Siren is that she is a conscious being and does everything for a reason. Reply. The most interesting thing is that you can find her there, so get ready for a grandiose meeting! Join our Discord Server:, Fear the Dread: Scary Horror Game Adventure, Cookies help us deliver our services. Kinda posting this late but whatever... SirenHead Game. Siren Head: Sound of Despair is a third person horror shooter in which you have to escape a forest in which a strange evil creature is trying to hunt you down. These are the five longest days of our lives. Having two sirens on her shoulders, she knows how to use them and what to … Siren Head Soundboard #horror #fangame #other. Neither we mean other people, who might be violent and dangerous. Siren Head is a short interactive scene featuring a creature designed by Trevor Henderson @slimyswampghost. The main character is a forest ranger, who has been searching for a missing hiker. … WELL NOW YOU CAN! She is as tall as a house, extremely thin, and exhausted. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Siren Head: Awakening is a first-person horror game based on Trevor Henderson's artwork. This game is a recreation of Modus Interactive's game, Siren Head. Siren Head is a hostile cryptid and urban legend created by artist Trevor Henderson. Siren Head kicked our butt! Good ambience and good game play. not a mean comment. Still liked it. Stranded and alone, your only hope to leave this unsettling dark forest is a gas station that's down the road. • Siren Head Fallout 4 Paulybird123 113 days ago. That’s what makes Siren Head really spooky and unique – its sound design. Siren head is difficult horror to play let alone to try and complete, I found some annoying bugs which prevented me from completing the game. Almost all images of Siren Head are presented very similarly to each other, featuring Siren Head as a tall, thin, desiccated and dehydrated humanoid with mummified skin and dual sirens on its head. Siren Head: Stranded by Hex Core Your car ran out of gas on a nearly abandoned country road in the middle of nowhere. Development Stage. Siren Head SCP-6789: The Hunt Continues - This terrible village has secrets and dangers. Siren Head is a quick horror game that sends you into the forest and tasks you with coming back alive. WARNING! Siren Head is a short game based on the actual game made by Modus Interactive. Siren Head - The Horror Experience is a survival horror game depicted within the Siren Head creepypasta universe. Months after the Belgrade bombing, you and your husband went camping on a nice and beautiful piece of nature near the city, where suddenly, your husband goes missing. This is one of the scariest horror characters ever invented. Scariest Siren Head game I've played so far for sure! She has two heads, or we better say, she doesn’t … Henderson has confirmed that Siren Head's sirens have the ability of releasing various sounds out of them, such as conversations, white noises, and extremely loud sounds which can damage hearing. Controls. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies, By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments. You play in the first person mode as a forest ranger in search of a hiker. The game is a first person linier indie horror game, based off of TREVOR HENDERSONS siren head property. Her body is something in-between – neither a human body, nor a tree. This game was submitted to The Haunted PS1 Halloween Jam. These might be the dialogues, songs, melodies, and, of course, the alarms informing about bombing and catastrophes. You can see her in the official small game, where the character is presented. Escape ghosts and endure evil in this free terrifying survival horror game. The main feature of this character is her head – it explains her name and looks like a pair of loudspeakers with teeth and tongues. Encontre as chaves do seu carro para fugir deste local. These are terrible creatures living in dense woods. Siren Head Horror — это хоррор-квест от первого лица, действие которого происходит в заброшенном пригороде, где, по слухам, обитает страшное гуманоидное существо, так же известное, как Сиреноголовый. So for the sake of our family and friends, we decided to escape the city and fight him in the mountains. Most horror games follow a similar plot, no matter their length. Complete . Siren has already become a real superstar of the gaming world. Siren Head made by: Trevor Henderson. Some teenagers have gone camping in the woods far out of town after hearing an old folks tale about a monster lurking within the woods. Reply. Siren Head is also created by the talented artist, SlimySwampGhost. Be careful, and have strategy! The gameplay requires you to win a monster chase, wherein you need to explore the forests. • Siren Head Minecraft It features an original monster and an eerie atmosphere that both indie and horror game lovers can appreciate. krazykookygaming 172 days ago. The monsters give out a great number of terrifying noises, from shrieks and wails that resemble the cries of wild animals to some sort of radio interferences. Months after the Belgrade bombing, you and your husband went camping on a nice and beautiful piece of nature near the city, where suddenly, your husband goes missing. • Siren Head Fortnite An ancient monster that lives in the depth of the wood, waiting for its victims to come closer…. As you can see, in addition to the original game, there are numerous well known titles like Fortnite or Fallout that feature this character. your game are the best i really enjoy it. All of these games and mods can be found on the pages of our website, so try them all and try to survive after meeting Siren Head! … Siren Head has been presented with differing o… laaag. Am anderen Ende zwei junge Mädels, vielleicht so 10 Jahre alt, … Siren Head is a popular horror game for Windows PCs.