The official flag results have been released, and there are no surprises. The second and final round of the country’s referendum shows 56.7% voted for no change, while 43.3% voted for the Kyle Lockwood-designed alternative (below). New Zealand has confirmed that the black, white and blue silver fern design won a referendum to become a possible new flag, after the final votes were counted. John Key, Prime Minister of New Zealand, had campaigned […] NEW Zealanders have begun voting in a final referendum on whether to change their current flag. Final four New Zealand flags revealed. The petitioner argues that this referendum structure would allow participants to consider the alternative flag designs to help them decide whether or not they want to change the flag. Over 2.1m votes were cast, a turnout of 67.3%. New Zealand unveils four finalists in the contest to design what could become the national flag, but it's fair to say not everyone has embraced them. Three years after the flag referendum flopped, our former prime minister Sir John Key has come out and said if he was leader again, he would change the New Zealand flag without asking the … These four options were to be voted on (using single transferable vote) in a first referendum, with the winner of that vote being presented as the alternative to the current flag in a second referendum next year. On 1 September, the Flag Consideration panel announced four finalists from the 10,292 submissions. If a majority voted against changing the flag, then the current New Zealand flag would be kept. The referendum runs from March 3 to March 24, and ballot papers will be in the mail on Thursday. The British ensign proved to be the victor with no real change in votes from the … The five flag finalists are being displayed across the country on flagpoles so communities can see them in person before they make their decision. The counting of late and overseas votes from a recent referendum on the New Zealand flag confirmed the preliminary results released last week, electoral commission officials said. The favourite from that poll will be pitted against the incumbent NZ flag at a second referendum in March next year. Final voting confirms winner in New Zealand flag referendum The final four designs for a new New Zealand flag, Silver Fern (Black and White), Silver Fern (Red, White and Blue), Koru and Silver Fern (Black, White and Blue). The "Final Four" proposals. The current New Zealand flag. BY ALEX CROUCH New Zealanders have voted to keep their existing national flag.