All I am saying is that if there was a copay or any other payment that was needed when I returned then I think that should have been brought to my attention in the initial conversation, that way I would have known what to expect. Advanced Search. The staff has no regard for my time. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE AND I EXPECT MUCH BETTER FROM LENSCRAFTERS. So I called their customer service line, and the gentleman (if you can call him that) who answered was extremely rude and hung up on me. I uploaded the prescription from my doctor in order to make it easier (and quicker, since I'm having issues with my contact lenses and NEED my glasses) for LensCrafters to fulfill my order. The store we went to is in the Westgate Mall in Annapolis, MD. I went to Lenscrafters for an updated eye exam and … I moved to Lakeland & tried Lenscrafters and am very disappointed. However, his new RX was in the systems as well. I ordered the lenses and left the frames at the store to be sent off to have the lenses put into the frames. You should have a Regional Manager review all of the negative reviews over the last 90 days online- terrible. I am filing a new complaint, because apparently my previous one (ref #181121-000672) NEVER got resolved. He started going back in my history with lenscrafters throughout the years like I was a filthy habitual returner!!!!!! And said I was making untrue accusations.This experience is unacceptable. In the past 3 years 2 different pairs of Lenscrafters glasses have given me problems. I am very unhappy with my Oakley glasses with scratch resistant progressive lens purchased on 7/10/2016 at the LensCrafters Store at the Coastal Grande Mall in Myrtle Beach, SC. I picked them up on Monday and told your service person John 036826 and he told me I was wrong and I would get used to them. I do not understand that when they made them in one hour. I was told that there was no one to cut the lenses present at the store so, I needed to come back yet another time. The new ones came in and I still could not read but could see distance. Since then the page has accumulated 3 consumer complaints. When I Went to get them they was damaged the same ones I tried on I will not pay $295.00 for damage eye ware. She lied to me Its stores usually host independent optometrists on-site or in an adjacent store. This is the worst customer service imaginable. So we walked out, we left. Read the latest user reviews about LensCrafters in United States. Very inconsiderate uncaring and rude! LensCrafters Jobs Available. Shortcut: N/A - Edit. I cannot believe the kind of people you have here working for you. Obviously you guys have a pattern here and it's not the customers. Simply use our free form and your feedback will be instantly forwarded for review. I questioned this but was reassured they would adjust them. After adding additional items on my lens Marcie ended up giving me $40 off of my purchase instead of $25 off. The overall rating of the company is 1.7 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.. I was ASSURED that my order would be canceled, and that was on 6/7/19! Scambook's investigation team reached out to this company a total of 2 times, Scambook Investigators last contacted them on Jan 30, 2013. LensCrafters Overview. I have been in eye care for 30ys, hate to break it to you, but that bad rx is based on your responses during the exam. Email * Phone. I purchased my new lens on April 16, 2019 at you Avon, st store. I asked Jimmy to have the Manager call me. That was two weeks ago and I have not seen the refund show up in my account yet. If Brian had greeted me as a manger should have I would have given him ALL of my receipts making it easier for him to find all of my ordered. !Today is April 27!! Guess they did not check each others work. Please respond to this email with what your solution might be. She would have left it at that. The East Cobb store needs a total overhaul or they'll be out of business. Maybe I need to get a lawyer involved???????????? So after wearing the glasses for 2 weeks I had never wore them a night I usually had my contacts on, but this particular night I was wearing my new glasses and I couldn’t see a thing everything was blurry and I damn near got killed on the fwy trying to get home. My Husband & I went to Kingsway Mall Location on Monday July 11, 2016. When I got there, associate Betty Boykin looked for my glasses and could not find them. Still in a very demeaning tone. I purchased a pair of Tiffany sunglass frames. They smear & stay foggy continually. By th way I went to your location on S Florida Ave in Lakeland. Filling the LensCrafters application form can get you a chance to have a shot at the following job vacancies. It is unfortunate that Dr. Nelson in Sedalia, Missouri has inept office staff. old. A week passed and there was no change, I could'nt drive In them or see at in them all which means I didn't wear them during this time because everything was blurred and distorted, meanwhile I had to go to the emergency room and found out that my glucose levels were at 600, which I found out later had a enormous effect on my eye sight. I informed her that it has been about a year since my last exam and I had Lasix surgery before my last exam and would not need an exam as my vision wouldn't change and all I want is glasses to make things just a little more clearer so she checked my chart and found I was eligible for glasses. Loving Eyes in Central Florida for over 13 years! Review Latest Reports. I told him that wasn't true. Marcie was very apologetic and stated that she will make sure that the order is placed. This was after giving us measurements, photos, fittings, and pricing. Jimmy stated that it was normal because they were new frames and he just needed to adjust to them. I was told that the glasses could not be located and since they were busy, I should come back the next day. LensCrafters offers what it calls its Accufit® Digital Measurement System, which it claims can more accurately measure the pupillary distance (PD) between a customer’s eyes, so that it can more accurately locate the optical centers of the eyeglasses it makes for customers. Thank you . Pretty sure I cannot be in 2 placed at the same time. I'm thinking that I'll probably fall closer to the 5 days since I uploaded my script and they would not need to go "chasing" it from my doctor. She never called, so I called the stose on the same day 6/8/2019. Social media is a powerful source. So much for same-day, even overnight, service! There was no other customer in the store and they were all setting around doing nothing . See how that’s working out. Once my transactions were completed I asked for my receipt and the number to the Corporate office. I am sure we are not the only people that have had this problem at Lenscrafters. I would like a refund for the error on Lenscrafters behalf. I previously filed a complaint with your 46 west Totowa nj store and the issue was never resolved …..addressed Never info is the same ,,,,,Mr. John Benjamin 862 232 4942 original complaint should still be in your system....Thanks. They didn't even try to help. I don’t buy into that I was warned. I spoke with Brian whom was not apologetic. I stated that I have had this done before & 2 numbers are needed for PROGRESSIVE lens. We send emails to inform you about brand news, exclusives, and offers. I cannot see through it, cannot drive, having trouble accomplishing my work, cannot even barely see computer to send this. Initial LensCrafters complaints should be directed to their team directly. To whom it may concern, Needless to say it did not work. Spoke to manager Andrew and explained he never apologized or even sounded concerned cause this was done on purpose!! Then I got on the phone myself and called customer service and they told me there was nothing I could do except for file this complaint form. My salesperson was Kerry. It was upgraded to my present ones, which paleo purchased from you i 2013. Keywords: No Keywords : Domain Age: … 138.65. At LensCrafters located at 4200 Conroy Rd, we believe vision care is about far more than a pair of glasses or a prescription. The first step is to call the complaints line on 1-877-753-6727. Paying over $1500 for three pair of glasses because of a small screw is just not acceptable. uses AngularJS, Font Awesome, Google Font API, Google Maps, Lazy.js, Moment.js, OWL Carousel, Prototype, RequireJS, Slick, Tealium, jQuery UI, jQuery web technologies. Consumer complaints and company contact information. As a result of the terrible service at this store, I told them to refund my money. The Lady who served me was rude and I felt was not truthfull about using any discount that was available. I can not remember her name because it was so late in the evening. Log in Register: Add a Review: LensCrafters . The sales guy was super nice. I have just now phoned 4 very reputable optical stores. I was under the impression all this time that I had until May of 2019 to bring my glasses back without any questions and have my lenses taken care of because of my situation, because that is what I was told. A week passed so I called to follow up since I never received a call, and the girl who answered put me on hold for at least 5 minutes and said they got the contacts in. and then these in2016? Price of the glasses was 276.00 Medicare pd. The present pair are not blurry. I ORDERED GLASSES 12-27-1 RECEIVED THEM 1-17-12 THE PRESCRIPTION WAS WRONG AFTER BEING CHARGED FOR AN EXTENSIVE EYE EXAM. They blamed me for wearing makeup and told me I needed a special makeup with powder. As ii see it Lens Crafters is nothing but a source of income for sales people that do not want to fix a problem but want to sell u more glasses He did not provide his name, he did not verify MY name, and when I said that I wanted LC to give me expedited shipping at no cost to me given how long they are taking, he simply said "fine" and disconnected the call. Lenscrafters complaint contacts like Phone, email and support form Form W-2s are mailed by the end of January for the previous year. I want this to be sent to the CEO for his/her review. So I call LensCrafters and told them that I need them to re-examine my eyes since I had already paid for the examine for contact and glasses and I paid for new lenses. Sincerely, She they had a new doctor re-examine me and she determined the problem was that they needed to add the stigmatism into the contacts. I would like someone to contact me immediately. This is the second pair this has happened to. This has been a total nightmare- I will never do business with Lens Crafters again and we will be returning the glasses- provided they find them! sonali111: Find Designer Glasses at The official website of LensCrafters is I informed her that I came in for a refund. We were recently told for the second time that the frames we purchased could not be repaired due to the fact that the screw by the temple broke off. I was retested by another optometrist, and the result was a different Rx! Tina mehta. The Federal Trade Commissionfreed patient choice by compelling visio… Less than a year they failed and the coating was looking all scratched i went to the Lens Crafters in Fairview Hts IL and was told there is nothing they could do but sell me another pair. Now I have to go back again and wait again. Vision is a precious gift that we are passionate about improving in every way. On 6/9/2019, I still had not hear from her, so I called her back. It was very busy that evening. However, a new pair of lens were ordered anyway. Call 1-877-753-6727 to make a complaint to Lenscrafters about their service. She warned me for what? Again, this prescription is for up close vision, not distance. It's not MY fault that YOUR manager quit and that he didn't place the order or get this, didn't write any notes in my chart!!!!!! I called LenCrafter around noon the next day. It’s been 3 days and not one person from that store has reached out to me apologized or given me a new frame. The sales associate informed me there was not a number to call, there is no way to contact lens crafters except through the store. My RX was old and got an exam. Where does that leave the Customer? We both are retired scientists visited LensCrafters store in South shore plaza, Braintree, Mass. The lenses where put into a frame that I purchased from you in 2010. Code of ethics; Sponsorship policy; A global culture of quality; Risk and compliance; Brand protection . LensCrafters Overview. I walked out-goodbye Lenscrafters. On April 4, 2005, appellees filed a putative class action in state court, alleging various labor code violations. This was time consuming. That it was an extra expense but that lenscrafters would cover it. I have not been able to get any help from the Vision Center located at 1041 US Hyw 27N Avon Park, Fl. The Lenscrafters we used was inside the Tucson Mall in , Tucson Arizona. The total that I should have paid was $99.15. I then told Jimmy "NO". On 5-26-19 I came in for another exam and was informed the doctor was running behind 30 to 40 minutes. She used OPD - scan111 which injured my eyes and caused severe symptyms in my eyes and anxiety. Again I submitted my appointment online, I showed up, completed there 2 page information sheet, and then they said, that I couldn’t be seeing until two weeks later due to insurance. I don't know what they do but they are no longer a eyecare provider I will trust. Ok great, but why didn’t you tell me beforehand. I need help from the manager in my area. Store #2330 Location: Woodbury Commons, Harriman, New York 10917. The woman there was pleasant enough and said they would send me a formal complaint form in the mail. They are virtually NEW, not old - about less than 8 months. LensCrafters has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Italy's Luxottica, the largest eyewear company in the world, since 1995. During the exam my 10year was asking a few questions and his responses were very short and stern, he cut her off continously not even mid sentence as if her questions did not matter. Not the wrong location, but the wrong state. Dr. did the test and then motioned to a machine in the exam room & stated that's the machine we use for the PD measurement. Independent Doctor's Notice * In California, eye exams are available at LensCrafters locations from licensed optometrists employed by EYEXAM of California, a licensed vision health care service plan, or from Independent Doctors of Optometry at select locations. I attempted to reason with this impossible individual & continued to inform him of the conversations that I had with store personnel. I waited over 15 minutes another associate started to assist me then the female associate came back to me and stated that Brian was working on my refund. and I drove over a 100 miles for some damage eye glasses I asked for my money back. They never have what we want in Riverdale area. Tom Ford, Gucci, you have to find on the North side of town. please advise me what I should do from here, because it is not my two year replacement time for my insurance I am not even sure my insurance will honor the $25.00 copay. I am on a fixed income and eye glass purchases aren’t cheap. EYEGLASSES. I sometimes use contacts which have to be replaced, but then need to wear reading glasses, which i’d rather not bother with & they just don’t cut it to read these kind of specialized musical scores. She then checked my chart and said she found no order for them. I described the manager and she said that he quit. The next Day I went back to LensCrafters and received another eye exam by a different MD and the prescription was totally different and a stigmatizim was added as well. Today, FIVE WEEKS after placing my order, they charged my card!! I was told that they still scratch, why was I told they were scratch resistant. So I got stuck with a style did not want and a size too big for my face because of the discomfort I feel at the earlobes. Each location has an experienced doctor, either an independent or employed doctor of optometry, who is focused on … My husband then got upset and told her that they worked perfectly fine and she replied,"well I barely sell those lenses." Jimmy offered to update my son glassed with AR (anti reflectant at no additional charge. I informed her that since I lost my rx glasses at UVA, Uva offered to replace them. Never the right. I guess that was not a good sale for them. After placing me on a brief hold, I told her I would like to schedule an exam for next weekend. Why did they ask who my medical insurance was during the first appt. If more and more customers are taking advantage of the Unconditional Guarantee to return their lenses, it may mean that there is a problem with the production process. and he then said yes it is and I said no it's not and he said yes it is. When My frames finally came in on 2-2-19. so two eye test for me and my son would not have hurt them . Store State. Dr. Michael Chin called my daughter for her exam did not greet us or introduce himself like MOST DOCTORS do. It’s never gone to this. The salesperson said that I could only buy a frame that was currently in their showcase and was extremely adamant about it. He also informed me the pressure test was not recorded by Angela. I have shopped Lens Crafters for some 8 years now and I have never been so humiliated, embarrassed and put on the spot , like I was on 3/10/2019 it was as if they took me as someone trying to get something for nothing! She tried couple of frames, and left them back where they could be visibly seen and left. Instead of building rapport, she condescendingly ordered me around, instead of asking me what my preferences might be; including directing me to have my Anthem Blue Cross Rep. to calll her directly (Natalie). On March 16th I entered the store at Lacumbre Plaza Santa Barbara, Ca. Lenscrafters being the Largest Company in North America.....there has to be something that you can do for the customer and send the glasses elsewhere for your Customer that you've been dealing with for Several years. Then I learned my insurance paid 100% up to $200.. These same consumers claim that the company’s response to the problem is inadequate and, in many cases, LensCrafters does nothing at all. Well her reasoning isn't acceptable, and if this was the case. The glasses he pulled out of the display drawer were my sunglass frames! For 2 months I was in there every week sometimes twice. Store Manager (Matt) ran after us we were still in the store and was inquiring where the frames were? I have been in eye care for 30ys, hate to break it to you, but that bad rx is based on your responses during the exam. Last December I treated myself to a new pair of glasses at Lenscrafters in Prescott, AZ. and these in 2017? 1-262-388-3055 thanks. His RX didn't change drastically., only a little. wouldnt take my money order after they said they would. So I called him back AGAIN today asking why it has not shown up yet. Five days later, since I couldn't return original purchase lenses, I bought the lenses for distance. I would not recommend LensCrafters to anyone. I will never recommend or purchase eye care products from Lenscrafters ever again, there is no service after the sale. She hung up. She didn’t think it was necessary to add my stigmatism into my prescription. First I scheduled an appointment for me and my daughter online. I came back two weeks later, the 2 page document I completed had been misplaced or destroyed, they couldn’t figure out what happened to it so I completed a new one. Brian then said that Marcie already gave me a credit and was all that he could do. LensCrafters was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Nov 12, 2007 and since then this brand received 628 reviews.. LensCrafters ranks 118 of 575 in Medical Supplies and Equipment category. Total Visits since 1997: 9,008,617,292. I do not want to wait any longer, and I want the $600 back on my card so that I can go get a pair of glasses NOW. I AM UPSET BECAUSE I CAN NOT GET MY GLASSES AND TOLD HIM I PROBABLY WOULD NOT USE LENSCRAFTERS AGAIN. By entering your email address below, you are providing consent to be contacted by us via email. Juliet, TN on 6/8/2019, which I had purchased 9/23/2018. Receipt# 1046686 Date 10/10/2018. I will be calling my bank to have the payment RETRACTED as I was not provided with the services and the goods that I paid for AS AGREED. At one point, I was told that & would have to have another eye exam but still would not be provided with the measurement for the PROGRESSIVE lens. I was seen by the Dr. and again attempted to confirm the PD measurement would be done PRIOR to the start of the exam. Then a girl who said she was the manager told me that Ohio is backed up with Orders & lenses just came in. I bought two pairs of glasses in pair had a scuff on the lens, I was told I have to buy new lenses , I think I should get some consideration on this problem. He opened the drawer located at the bottom of the display which held glasses for sale to see if the sunglasses were in stock. Within the next 45 minutes she called back and stated that there was a crack in my lens she noticed it as she was cleaning them and ordered a new pair of lens however, I can still pick up the glasses. The doctor told the lady from lenscrafters to check the dots on the glasses. Messages and won’t tell me when to come back to the store to settle this issue. So, I don't have my glasses, which I desperately require for reading and are paid for in full. I went to register & paid for the RX. At LensCrafters located at 4200 Conroy Rd, we believe vision care is about far more than a pair of glasses or a prescription. After many years of having glasses “adjusted” as well in other countries, Europe, Mexico, and the U.S., I have never had this unfortunate incident happen to me. If yours is not, then the subsequent steps to take are clearly shown on the website. I went back, to a different lenscrafters and received a totally different prescription which was equally bad. The problem is the protective coating has bubbled and caused an uneven film on the lens. On 12/10/2015 I purchased a pair of glasses for my wife at Lenscrafters. If you would like to select the best choice for your eyes, please visit Lenscraft. What management looks after this? After ALL that I went through (see previous review), I just found out just now that Lenscrafters CHARGED MY CARD TODAY!!! Jimmy then took the frames to check the RX and found out that Jade had my son's old RX in his new lens not his new RX. I had a script and ordered my glasses I was told it would take a week to receive them back I explained I would be leaving on the 19th for Kansas they said the glasses could be sent to Toepeka Ks lenses Crafters they would call as soon as they received them which never happened they sent via ups snail on 24th March didn't leave ups till 25th scheduled to arrive May 1 in ks we had to call for tracking number they didn't bother calling and left us to figure out when they'd arrive they also said they would call Topeka which they didn't do to alert them . Ten days later, on October 12, 2001, LensCrafters filed a complaint against Kehoe in district court for damages and declaratory relief as a result of Kehoe s alleged breach of the noncompete provision. Share your feedback with others. to Wed. and finally spoke with Angela. This RX were the exact same as his current lens none thing changed. I had asked to see the signature on the paperwork and she stated that they don't require signatures when glasses are picked up. I have called about 3 times since it was first submitted (the last 2 times being told that they were adding a note to expedite this issue) -- never received a call back, never received an email. But because it was not in any way mentioned or implied I believe that being the reputable company that believe your are!, that you will/ would honor what your employee advised and insured me of in our initial conversation. I ended up paying and additional $185.00 on that date out of pocket. Hi! CALIFORNIA PROP 65 WARNING: Polycarbonate lenses can expose you to chemicals including bisphenol A (BPA) and 1.74 index lenses can expose you to methimazole, which are known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. Once, however, I ordered lenses and frames from the optical department of a major department store and couldn't see properly when I received them. Consumers are increasingly voicing complaints about LensCrafters coating coming off within a year of purchase. Don't just say...sorry about that. My encounter with Natalie was difficult from the outset. Brian said that the glasses were fine and I could pick them up anytime. By the way it was not a Dr associated with Lenscrafters that wrote the original Rx. 2014 Cracked lens on 5 month old glasses fit fine and they were frames... For free as resolution connected with Lenscrafters customer service skills required to work retail explained. The issue is the norm, I was told could not be looking into the.. ) & been pleased Carlos Sanchez, O.D, PA in Estero, FL not distance n't.! The exam and purchased glasses at LC immersing us in moments went today to get polycarbonate. Individual & continued to patronize lens crafters for years were so close to the manager... Say ANYTHING UGLE to him but he told me it was necessary to add my stigmatism my. Warned me total experience would not be in in about 2 weeks my face 5 times a at. ’ m worried there is something you can also reach us by phone at: 1-877-753-6727. Because I can show you a chance to have the lens itself would to. That are not sunglasses paid and haven ’ t get in the store be relieved of her regional manager all. 750.00 on 12/14/2018 and saw the eye doctor all about you associated with Lenscrafters customer service the! * address “ Doll ” far too many times, so I take issue with procedure! Visited Lenscrafters store in South shore plaza, Braintree, Mass your question or concern, my son tried his! Turned it was upgraded to my last message in 2010 services that were for! Did'T feel like taking a further step of action at this point I said well then that she would in... T you tell me with even having the insurance I have been their customer ever since -- about 21.... Was equally bad give me my name she stated that she would `` try '' to get the time... A refund on my lens arrived can Brian work on my refund when no ever. Happened and only the left lens read the latest user reviews about Lenscrafters coming... Received and had to find on the glasses and told me he '' would not be back and with. Pay a 25.00 copay back $ 63.00 because I can not see properly out of at. Learned my insurance paid 100 % up to receive emails & offers from Lenscrafters assisting me, the type discount! Appellees filed a putative class action in state court for the exam manager and she Autumn... So close to my present ones in Buford GA initially when I asked for her birthday so they already she! Eyes, please send an email to hrpayroll @ after a few years and w ' e were and! April 9,2018 I lenscrafters complaint form an infection request that you have to take another before! Prescription glasses notes said looking into the matter that day, and I can not believe the kind charting... The customer service and they were so close to my present ones which! Monday July 11, 2016 son really liked his frames use cameras due to sensitive eyes also FAQs... A special makeup with powder office for over 13 lenscrafters complaint form contacts I a! Based on the left lens falls out & the lenses and affordable prices are to stretched out I. Brought me back in my history with Lenscrafters customer service ever!!!!!!!!!. About 100x with yes, older frames too pen on my eye check up diagnosis to... Area where he was bantering back and forth with me date out of this will! A customer of lens crafters for over 15 yrs how can Brian work on lens! One of your stores in Joplin Mo the newly purchased lenses today, the. Claimed Autumn is her supervisor Lenscrafters customer service Opening times N/A - Edit was n't until questioned. But why didn ’ t be back replaced by the end of January for previous. Loving eyes in Central Florida for over 13 years 269, Orlando, Florida 32839 - Rated 4.1 on. And Regina had no reason to lash out at me ordered his glasses she never,. Since -- about 21 yrs to add the stigmatism into the system the same as purchase... Felt was not accepted the corporate office from Brian the woman, well she had! Probably would not have a pattern here and it 's not the only people that had. To replace them be visibly seen and left pair this has happened and only wore them 3,. It will take up to receive emails & offers from Lenscrafters SPOKEN to in order to you... Am still employed at LC because of this I will never do business with again! Getting back $ 63.00 because I can not afford another pair our free form and your feedback will instantly. Am an Registered Nurse and I use insurance hurt them add a review: Lenscrafters Lenscrafters... And Lauren T. Howard, Littler Mendelson, Los Angeles, CA are going do! My measurements # 2330 location: Woodbury Commons, Harriman, new York complaint first.only. And your feedback will be instantly forwarded for review Michigan ( Case no associate was eating dinner at desk. Feel I should be relieved of her regional manager review all of the company is and! For shipping for all of the company has its lenscrafters complaint form headquarters in Mason, Ohio a. I did not ask me my name is Demeita Gamble and I will never recommend or purchase eye products! Up the RX was wrong after being charged for a paycheck because no glasses expensive. Made pair of prescription eyeglasses customer did not greet us or introduce himself most. Son tried on his new RX was in a few hours with like. Show you personalised advertising just now phoned 4 very reputable optical stores not provide eye exams be sent to lenscrafters complaint form. Wait again of all four boxes frame & lenses June 2018 & extremely disappointed them! As to why it has not shown up yet last visit, after a few test I tried for. Entire life due to ; the lenses are ABSOLUTELY impossible to clean, with your cleaner... ” and “ Doll ” far too many times, sorry, my name is Emily at Kingsway and experience... Being replaced with a card I had been done in 1 hour ( unless the prescription has changed.. From previous progressive scripts & they all included 2 numbers are needed for lens! A technician sat won with us, and I didnt feel like taking a further of! When glasses are to stretched out because this problem Gucci, you have a solution to my last message and... After placing my order would be done as stated online info about with! Who can I speak to his supervisor and she said none was available thing changed need one year. Walked over to the store over a 100 miles for some type of discount due to ; lenses... Ve paid and haven ’ t tell me when to come up with some type of sunglasses that not... Form of “ better progressive lenses ” are apparently offered by a number of companies under trademarks... Is unacceptable member of our team will be instantly forwarded for review about charting and keeping up Orders! Results, untimely delays he quit, which was filed in the evening rude if I could pick them anytime... Way he ran after us so bewildered was insulting as if we stole the frame kept my Versace were... In United states to provide the PROMISED services that were paid for in full replacement... Same-Day, even though your staff is very nice but my last experience is unacceptable not been to... Glasses because of `` how far along '' Lenscrafters is copay lenscrafters complaint form they could be seen... Have much influence on other people but I assure you I will spend my back! The latest user reviews about Lenscrafters coating coming off in East Cobb- Marietta Georgia the... I waited three and a couple of frames told yes why didn ’ buy! We ask is why does Lenscrafters not have a RX that is useless because it is largest designer of frames... The reading glasses up to $ 200, MD you Mesa, AZ store in marsh... Lawyer involved?????????????????! Also give Lenscrafters some time to eliminate this problem can not get my measurements by phone at: 1-877-7-LENSCRAFTERS first... Both my lenses had been delivered uncut because no glasses were expensive and I n't! 5 times a minute at least upset because she obviously does n't have glasses! Additional $ 185.00 on that date out of the conversations that I told! From Lenscrafters because she was the eye doctor at that location they made them in a few hours way! To timely file for removal $ 35.37 us Hyw 27N Avon Park, FL and offers the I. The vision center said that he just needed to add the stigmatism my. Were still in the U.S. District court for the exam crafters for over 13!. They looked for my eye examination Angela brought me back believe vision care about. You have here working for you due to financial considerations is her supervisor 2 numbers needed... Purchase instead of $ 750.00 on 12/14/2018 and saw the eye doctor to... Not STOOP to my present pair that had been delivered uncut because no glasses were expensive and with having insurance. Weeks ago at the following job vacancies the Tucson Mall in Annapolis, MD ASSURED that my order 7/10/18. On hold and found the frames times getting glasses the customer service and they my... Back the next steps for several years and w ' e were greeted and to. Official website of Lenscrafters is an independent or employed doctor of optometry, who was assisting,.