Their bodies therefore have to develop and improve the reflexes of the parts especially the limbs and the brain (29). Playing tennis improves and maintains bone health. Do not expect immediate good results just after some weeks of play especially if you are a complete beginner. According to science, playing tennis aids the mind in stimulating the development of tactical strategy, concentration and also mental alertness (14). The advantage is generalized to all the age groups and for a number of purposes especially on the young generation which has numerous growing cells (34). My wife and I have been thinking of enrolling our daughter in sports. All Mathematics History English Biology Chemistry Physics Social Studies Advanced Placement (AP) SAT Geography Health Arts Business Computers and Technology French German Spanish World Languages Medicine Law Engineering Show more subjects Show fewer subjects. The game is beneficial and ideal to different age groups which include students, those working or those in their retirement age as it aids in the relation of the brain off the respective fields (31). The repeated exercise plays a role in training the participants how to make decisions within short periods of time as the game involves a fast pace. Bottom Line: Playing tennis helps a player to exercise player control of large groups of muscles and also to exercise gross motor. It is a super fun game that can be played easily with friends and friends of all ages and all fitness levels. Play 3 hours of tennis a week and you’ll cut your risk of death in half from any cause, according to a Harvard University study of 10,000 people during a 20-year period.. GET FIT. As a matter of fact, that is how leg exercises are done (15). For more information, and to locate tennis classes near you please check out Different brain parts are stimulated to perform their functions effectively as one participates in playing the game. An example of such a field is computing. Here are 7 benefits that your body and brain can gain from practicing table tennis. If you use equipment of poor quality, you may injure yourself which is certainly not pleasant. Other sports may provide excellent health benefits. Playing tennis can improve critical thinking, mental alertness, and tactical thinking by making connections in the brain. Overall, playing tennis on a regular basis has many physical benefits, and can be enjoyed at any age throughout your lifetime. Besides this, the tennis ball can bounce over to any area of the pitch and therefore the player has to run and strike the ball regardless of how far it is from them. Bottom Line: Playing tennis can help improve the immunity of the player by flushing bacteria out of the airways and the lungs thus preventing the infection by illnesses such as cold or flu. He watches all the games on tv, plays tennis video games, and when he is practicing in the court he puts his heart and soul into the game. Bottom Line: Playing tennis helps to burn fat and calories and helps the player to gain an ideal slim and muscular body resulting to good body shape. This also helps in the formation of numerous capillaries and capillary beds within the muscles such that the muscles have enough and better blood supply and flow (19). This is due to the force that one applies while striking the ball or whenever one is stopping the opponent’s ball (35). Playing tennis regularly helps maintain or improve balance strength and fitness. When you regularly play tennis, you get more mental stimulation. By Jack L. Groppel, Ph.D. Studies have been conducted and show that there are many benefits which make it one of the best sports to play for all ages. This can be avoided through regular and frequent aerobic workout (36). The support helps them to win directly and also leads to a healthier lifestyle since the diseases resulting from loneliness such as depression are reduced. By playing tennis, the unhealthy body fats are decreased and consequently the risk of diabetes mellitus is considerably reduced (7). Health benefits of tennis Tennis can be a great workout and lots of fun. Ensure you are well hydrated throughout the game by taking plenty of water or an electrolyte especially during warm weather. A good meal after the match is also good to help recover the energy used up during playing (13). Your email address will not be published. A popular racquet sport in South Africa, tennis is a great choice when it comes to having a great time while receiving some substantial health benefits. Bottom Line: Playing tennis helps the player to develop good nutritional habits which help the benefit from the benefits which come along with a good diet. The fast speed experienced while playing the game plays a role in improving the eyesight as one focuses on maintaining the play. Here are the facts: 1. Help the community by sharing what you know. Improved coordination gained from the game is useful in execution of some tactics in particular occupations which require varying levels of coordination. Tennis is a wonderful sport! When playing tennis, the quick anaerobic sprints that are involved in the sport burn a lot of fat, increases the rate of the heart and increases the energy levels (22). Notify me of follow-up comments by email. In this way, tennis helps a person to become more disciplined and achieving a better socialization as there is interaction with other players, all of whom have different personalities and varying views on issues. Unlike most sports, tennis can be played at any age (from 3 to 100). Bottom Line: Playing tennis has been shown to help maximize the bone mass before the age of 30 and afterwards help to slow down bone loss. It requires you to move swiftly across the court to be able to react to the opponent’s shots. You only need a racquet and some balls and you can play with your family and friends at any local public court. It can help the body to exercise the control of gross motor (12). One of the many benefits of tennis is stress-relief and a boosted mood. They will tire more slowly and at higher performance levels. Tennis truly provides lots of health benefits, so player can grow mentally, emotionally and physically. The co-ordination triggers the brain and the bodies to develop a good reflex as different hormones are involved during the engagement and when exercised repeatedly different body parts develop a high level of co-ordination. The vigorous activity helps in maintaining the ‘joint fluid’ and enabling easy joint movement and consequently improving their health. Play it, practice it, and fall in love with it! Improved aerobic and anaerobic health: Tennis increases your oxygen intake while playing, increasing your heart rate and helping your blood deliver oxygen and nutrients to all your muscles. However, many folks might not realize that playing tennis for one hour burns about 600 calories, making it as effective as jogging or an indoor cycling class. Playing tennis aids different players and people from various grounds to interact physically thus offering an opportunity for bond strengthening which can be used positively on different grounds (26). You can also join one of the tennis clubs for moral support and in order to interact with other people of similar interest. Playing tennis as one of the various kinds of aerobic exercises is found to stimulate longer brain survival periods and also correlating to an increase of various animal memories. However, do not just buy a racket because it is cheap, make sure it is comfortable for you to use (36). Tennis is an awesome sport. Whether you are playing competitively, for your health or just for fun, tennis has great benefits for the mind and body. Playing tennis requires the whole body to cooperate. This means that tennis can be effectively used for exercising for other sports since its exercise is similar to that of most other sports. Tennis can sometimes be a very quick game if the players return serves and volleys fast.