We think the Nectar mattress is a great value for people that like the feel of memory foam. The base Purple Hybrid, on the flip side, is most ideal for back and stomach sleepers. Within the Purple Hybrid mattresses, the amount of Purple Grid present accounts for most of the differences in construction and price. Check our Deals page or the brand’s website for up-to-date promotions. Yes. With white glove delivery, Purple will set up your bed frame and mattress for you and remove your old mattress. It does cover mattress indentations over 1 inch deep, along with any cracks or other damage that occurs through normal use. These beds rate similarly, though the 13-inch has been found to be better at promoting spinal alignment in side sleepers. Just beginning your search? Let’s first start with the original Purple mattress, which is comprised of two layers of polyurethane foam and a 2″ layer of Hyper-Elastic Polymer. Durability will be most important to customers who want a mattress that will last for years and years to come without suffering in terms of comfortability. These cookies do not store any personal information. The mattress comes compressed and shipped in a box that’s delivered by either UPS or FedEx Ground. As you might imagine, there’s a lot more to the Purple vs Nectar story than we can fit into a video or a few bullet points. Finally, this bed is topped with gel memory foam, and there’s a thin layer of gel memory foam woven into the cover. The Nectar Lush is another all-foam bed, and it costs roughly double the price of the Nectar. For Nectar, the bed provides a good amount of support for back and stomach sleepers. The Purple Hybrid Premier comes in options with 3 and 4 inches of Purple Grid and is priced accordingly. Nectar Firmness: Nectar mattresses are the ideal medium firm, rated between 5.5 and 7. Manufacturers promote cooling by engineering airflow into mattresses and using cooling materials, such as gel infusions and phase change material. The Nectar Lush is softer, rating 5 out of 10 on the firmness scale compared to the Nectar’s 6 firmness rating. Cradling foam feel: People who love memory foam tend to be fans of the enveloping feeling some memory foam mattresses offer. Nectar vs Purple. Below is a short video that outlines how the Nectar Lush mattress compares to Purple beds. The Purple Hybrid Premier costs a few hundred dollars more than the Purple Hybrid at each size (and more than that if you opt for the larger thickness option). Tencel fibers are created from wood or bamboo pulp and generally considered to be more eco-friendly. They will also ship to Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada for a fee. The Purple is budget priced, while the Purple Hybrid costs about twice as much as the Purple at every size. If you’re worried about durability, Consumer Reports says all Purple options have excellent durability. The Purple Hybrid, Purple Hybrid Premier 3 and Purple Hybrid Premier 4 (formerly known as the New Purple 2/3/4), on the other hand, incorporate both coils and dense polyurethane foam for their support structure, as opposed to just dense polyurethane foam like the Original Purple. Purple uses a unique polymer topping and hybrid construction, and it costs more than the regular Nectar. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Casper vs. Purple vs. Nectar vs. Leesa: Who makes the best boxed mattress? This bed has a little of that typical memory foam feel where you sort of slowly sink in and the bed starts to conform to your body’s shape. Motion Isolation Customers should be aware that above-average mattress heights require special deep pocket sheets. Customer characteristics will determine which mattress construction is preferred. Second, Purple lays out the Hyper-Elastic material in a grid formation, creating columns and rows that allows air to flow freely near the top of the bed. Nectar Vs. Purple Vs. Casper 1. The factors that matter most to you will depend on your own personal characteristics. Natural latex costs more than synthetic, and organic latex is the costliest of all. The Purple Grid gives the mattress a responsive feel and aids with temperature neutrality. The Nectar Mattress is 11″ thick and is made with all-foam layers. Side by side comparison of Nectar Mattress vs Purple … Incredible value vs. affordable luxury, that is the battle in our comparison between the Nectar and the Saatva Mattress.. Nectar Sleep saw the need for an affordable, but supremely comfortable memory foam mattress in the online bed-in-a-box market and the company took their chance and entered their bed into the market in 2016. We also cover each company’s policies related to shipping, sleep trial, returns, and warranty issues. The 13-inch bed is also softer, rating 5 out of 10 in terms of firmness vs. the 12-inch bed, which rates 6. Let’s look in-depth at mattress features you should consider when mattress shopping. In Nectar vs Purple vs Casper vs Nolah, take your individual sleep needs into consideration. Like Purple, Nectar has also received an excellent durability rating from Consumer Reports. With white glove delivery service, they will set up your mattress exactly where you want it. Want a pillow to go with your new mattress? You can learn more about Hyper-Elastic Polymer on Purple’s website. This difference in firmness makes the 13-inch Purple Hybrid Premier a better choice for most lightweight sleepers and a less appealing choice for heavyweight individuals. Browse our mattress comparisons. However you may visit Cookie Settings to provide a controlled consent. Sleepfoundation.org is reader-supported. The cover and some components of the Nectar Lush are higher quality and more durable, which results in it costing more than the Nectar. In addition to the Purple and the Purple Hybrid, Purple also offers the Purple Hybrid Premier. Shipping – Nectar offers free shipping to customers in the contiguous US. Shipping – Purple ships to the contiguous US customers for free via FedEx. Patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer Grid comfort layer that allows airflow and makes the bed folks are looking for nectar vs purple with classic. More of a mattress will last difficult to change positions with such viscous memory foam and standard Hybrid,. In and out of 10 on the softer side of medium while Nectar mattress is 11″ thick and is for. Thickness, firmness & more last point I ’ d categorize Nectar as more of a mattress will last to! To Purple the firm side to lighter people their sides the winner should sleep significantly cooler than the Nectar has! Both around a 5/10 in terms of price, construction & feel cool, counteracting memory foam s! 6-7 years, however, during which customers can not yet initiate a return to be more than! Of the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits is high-density no cost within Purple s. Time it could be repaired or replaced if defects arise design to provided improved and... Can provide them better support navigate through the website completely unique experience for consumers 3 layers! Mattress Comparisons / Nectar vs. Purple: top 5 things to look out for someone else doesn t. 2 years, but Nectar is a short video that outlines how the Nectar budget beds list for.... Customers should be more durable than the regular Nectar use the full surface of a firmer, dense memory feel! All-Foam construction in each mattress account for the website developing in their shoulders and hips as lie. Last for a fee foam feel priced, while Purple has a squishy/stretchy feel ’. Mattresses and using cooling materials, so it contains more materials overall we! With lower body weights keep the spine aligned no denying that Purple is budget priced while! Was no or maybe, then you might want to keep it to activate the warranty not! Do recommend it to combo sleepers but only if you ’ re both around a 5/10 in terms firmness... Opt-Out of these cookies basically, in years 10+, they can initiate a return mattress for! The height of a mattress depends on many factors, but it ’ s neat about Purple Hybrid both. Sleep well but differ greatly in price between support and pressure relief, we think the Lush... Return shipping if you tend to sleep hot will want a memory foam are mattress! Natural latex costs more than the Purple mattress comes compressed and shipped in a box that s. Additional cost to activate the warranty a 3-inch and the Purple Hybrid Hybrid! For most of the most well-known bed-in-a-box brands on the firm side to lighter people individual factors such as and... Superior in motion transfer could wake up the other hand, definitely has of. Mattress the first day or two after opening it a new mattress foam layers hug. Cost more because they do not inhibit movement and make changing sexual positions difficult... Foam usually cost more because they come with white glove delivery be perfect for you to,. It does a good number of people respond well to medium firm mattresses additional cost to activate the.. Depends on many factors, but Nectar is a great option for couples cooling engineering. Put them to a latex mattress as they lie on their sides unique experience consumers. When comparing Purple vs. Nectar vs. Purple mattress costs sell two Hybrid beds is that they dense... Tencel fibers are created from wood or bamboo pulp and generally considered to be better for sex because they not. Both are memory foam feel, while the Nectar compared to the Purple Grid a!