A protester, Alexander Taraikovsky, died near Pushkinskaya metro station. Authorities limited connection to networks such as Telegram, several subway stations were briefly closed and at least two squares were cordoned off by security forces. The Commissioner also confirmed that there had been four deaths and was greatly concerned about the allegations of large-scale torture and ill-treatment of people, including journalists and children. They also forced them to delete photos or sometimes crushed their cameras. [696], On 12 August, Belsat journalist Jauhien Merkis was arrested in Gomel while covering the protests. Published 14 August 2020 'The situation is critical' Published 14 August 2020. [663], On 15 August, 29-year-old Konstantin Shishmakov (Belarussian: Kanstantsin Shyshmakou), director of the Bagration Military History Museum in Vawkavysk, disappeared. Затрымліваюць мужчын. ", "Кандрусевіч у інтэрвію польскай тэлевізіі: "Ёсьць падставы меркаваць, што выбары праходзілі несумленна, "Archbishop stands by detained Belarus protesters", "Belarusan election officials say exit polls favor Lukashenko", "Yermoshina: Polls in Telegram channels are a hoax", "Глава МВД Беларуси взял ответственность за травмы попавших под раздачу", "Глава МВД Белоруссии взял ответственность за попавших под раздачу", "Protestors pack Belarus capital, Russia offers Lukashenko military help", "Мінск. Telegram channel NEXTA, used by the opposition, published messages alleging violence by law enforcement officers, which were not always accompanied by video or photo confirmation. An emergency response plan was introduced at the mine. Что происходит в Беларуси 12 октября", "МВД сообщило о задержании блогера, активиста анархистского движения Николая Дедка", "Неизвестные получили доступ к Telegram-каналу анархиста Дедка. Minutes later, people in civilian clothes began to detain the protesters. According to relatives, the head of OSVOD rescue station, Denis Cheshun, was driven from to Okrestina. According to Mikalai he was forcefully taken from his residence by police. [citation needed] In Brest, they also reported "a group of aggressively minded citizens with fittings in their hands attacked police officers." [8] Other symbols used by opposition supporters include the former coat of arms of Belarus, known as the Pahonia (the historical coat of arms of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania),[758] and the song Vajacki marš,[759] which was the national anthem of the short-lived Belarusian People's Republic, as well as the song Pahonia (lyrics based on the eponymous poem by Maksim Bahdanovich, music by Mikola Kulikovich). Outside one subway station in central Minsk, demonstrators were met with flashbang grenades. According to preliminary information, he died because of waiting in a security forces detainee van for many hours in hot weather. [165], On 17 August, Lukashenko was booed and shouted at when he gave a speech at a Minsk wheel tractor plant. This was achieved through the issue of journalist licenses, which was first announced on 2 October after Tut.by and several other resources were stripped of their journalist mandates. [313] In the afternoon, around 20 journalists, from both local and international media, were detained on Freedom Square in Minsk. In some areas, separate rallies merged to form columns of several hundred people. Local media reported several dozen meeting points were planned across Minsk and in other cities. [321], On 28 August, anti-Lukashenko demonstrators again gathered on Independence Square in Minsk. Security forces deployed heavily around Minsk with armored vehicles and water cannons before the rally. According to Nasha Niva around 6,000 people took part in the protests in Gomel, 4,000 in Grodno, 3,000 in Brest, Vitebsk and Mogilev. [287][288] Belarus claimed that its air force was attempting to prevent balloons depicting the former flag of Belarus, which was described as an "anti-state symbol", from crossing the border. Putin plans to crush the Navalny protest movement, encouraged by that playbook working in Venezuela and Belarus, intelligence sources say insider@insider.com (Mitch Prothero) 12 mins ago. В первый день осени продолжаются задержания", "В Минске и регионах 1 сентября задержали около 80 человек", "Лукашенко прокомментировал ситуацию с главой католической церкви, которого не пустили в страну", "Суды над журналистами и вызов в СК представителя Координационного совета. Every week, despite frigid temperatures, they … In the original poem, the cockroach is eventually eaten by a sparrow; Tikhanovsky refers to a slipper signifying stamping on the cockroach. Друзья восстановили последние дни его жизни", "Директора волковысского музея нашли мертвым", "Museum director from Vaukavysk found dead", "Правозащитники: На уличных протестах в Беларуси убили как минимум пятерых. They were expected to last until 25 September. [524], On 7 October, a traditional women's protest action took place, this time under the name "We are walking!". At 14:35, mobile internet of the A1 operator was disconnected. [109] Protesters barricaded the area around the Riga Market in the centre of Minsk. [348], On 31 August, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya was invited to address the United Nations Security Council. [476], Amnesty International launched a petition to protect peaceful protesters in Belarus and stop police brutality against them. A statement by the United Nations Human Rights Office on 1 September cited more than 450 documented cases of torture and ill-treatment of detainees, as well as reports of sexual abuse and rape. Many have commented about the protests with more condemning the violence. People carried the white-and-red national flags. A total of 42 protest actions were recorded in various settlements of the country, and the total number of 31,000 people participated in the protests across the country. [430] The following day, it was reported by Belarusian officials that Maria Kalesnikava was detained at the border with Ukraine while trying to cross the border with two of her associates, Anton Rodnenkov and Ivan Kravtsov. The protesters used more confrontational tactics than before, blocking some roads and chasing some police vehicles away. Belarus of the Brain's is now over 470,000. The list includes 726 persons, Putilo and Protasevich are the only Belarusian citizen in it. [366] When questioned about the whereabouts of Alexander Lukashenko, his publicity team released a photograph of him walking around the grounds of the Independence Palace holding a gun (presumably from his "standoff" a week earlier). Video and photos showed that unmarked men brutally wrestling demonstrators to the ground and forcing them into police transport. The crowd did not rally this time, however, they stood for two hours, then shouted "Thank you!" [73] In June 2020, street protests against Lukashenko took place. [438][439] The remaining two members of Belarusian opposition's Coordination Council, Maxim Znak and Ilya Saley, were detained the same day. In a fourth video, Lukashenko was seen removing the former flag of Belarus from a flower bed, waving at security personnel whilst telling them they are "handsome" and in reference to protesters, saying "we will deal with them". [317] The entrance to the church was blocked by security forces to prevent people from entering or leaving the church. After police tried to detain her, protesters shouted "Nina! Later he was found dead in a river. Many have commented about the protests with more condemning the violence. [86] All but one of the mercenaries, who is a Belarusian national and remains in custody, were deported to Russia on 14 August despite a request from Ukraine for their extradition. Traffic in Minsk was halted by a drivers strike honking their horns and abandoning their vehicles in support of protesters. Как прошло воскресенье в Минске. On 11 August 2020 Molotov cocktails began to be thrown at security officials in Minsk. [121][660][661][662], Also on or about 12 August, 28-year-old Nikita Krivtsov disappeared. Several underground metro stations were closed and there was decreased mobile internet coverage. [237] A small number of cars could also be seen waving the state flag by Independence Square in Minsk. [347][348] Responding to this call, a group of women dressed in traditional costumes brought pumpkins to the government house, a sign of rejection in Belarusian culture. The Ministry of Internal Affairs said 40 people were detained in Minsk. [175] The Prime Minister of Belarus, Roman Golovchenko, and cabinet resigned in accordance with the constitution following an election. The protest in Minsk was reported to have up to 200,000 participants. When tikhari and unmarked security forces approached the protesters, one woman tore off the mask from one of the tikhar's face, resulting in the security forces brutally, with the use of physical force, pushing her onto a minibus without license plates and identification marks. [322] The demonstration was broken up by security forces, which had encircled the square. Police claim that Krivtsov committed suicide, but his family do not believe them. [175] The Prime Minister of Belarus, Roman Golovchenko, and cabinet resigned in accordance with the constitution following an election. [510] In Gomel, the wife of a local activist, Natalia, was detained after her husband had been convicted of participating in the "March of 97%" on 27 September, and their children were put in foster care, which, according to Natalia, who herself had nothing to do with the protest, was a tactic employed by the local police to prevent people from organizing more protests out of fear for the safety of their relatives. Some of the protesters tried to hide inside their own apartments, which were then raided by police. [91], On 9 August, all roads and entry points to Minsk were blocked by the police and army early in the morning. More than 500 protesters in Minsk and another 554 across the country were placed in temporary detention facilities. Their excessive aggression was purportedly overlooked by police. [302] The home of opposition figure Valery Tsepkalo was raided by police. [643], Lukashenko decried the creation of the council as an 'attempt to seize power' and promised "appropriate measures". At 18:00, part of the protesters marched in circle through Nemiga Street and returned to Independence Square. According to the statement, such actions suggested crimes against humanity. One of the industries most affected by the government's reactions to protests is the Belarusian IT industry. Residents of the area almost immediately began to rake, sweep and collect salt in garbage bags, ignoring the police. [90], On 6 August an estimated 5,000 peaceful protesters took to the streets in Minsk, waving white ribbons, calling for free and fair elections. [69][70] In his reference, Tikhanovsky compared Lukashenko to the cockroach in the story. [679], The numerous human rights violations were confirmed and condemned by a number of former or current Belarusian police officers, such as Sergei Mikhasev, former employee of the Vitebsk police department, who was detained along with other protesters and spent several days in a detention centre in inhuman conditions,[680] or Yuri Makhnach, a police officer from Lida, who said that the authorities had prepared them for a war against their own people. Главное", "Лукашенко на встрече с Мишустиным назвал информацию об отравлении Навального фальсификацией", "Протесты в Беларуси, день 28. [376] The Belarusian ambassador for Spain was removed from his post after saying that the votes from the presidential election should be recounted and that "open court hearings" should proceed against police officers accused of excessive force and torture. [316] Later that day, a group of Christians carrying Bibles had gathered outside the Saints Simon and Helena Roman Catholic Church on Independence Square, Minsk in protest of the desecration of the church by the security services that had occurred the previous day. [244][245] Similar rallies were also organized in other cities and towns across the country. Both Kovalkova and Sergei Dylevsky were sentenced to 10 days imprisonment. Сейчас он уволен и за месяц должен выплатить 6125 рублей", "Бывший ректор Гродненского медицинского университета Виктор Снежицкий больше не сенатор Совета Республики", "Акции студентов, обращение заводчан, дешевеющая валюта, ансамбль "Правовой дефолт". In the evening, the protests continued in all major cities of Belarus, including Brest, Gomel, Grodno, Mogilev, Vitebsk, Baranavichy, Maladzyechna, Navahrudak, Novopolotsk and Zhodzina. during the march. Instead of one major rally in the center of Minsk, smaller protests were scattered across dozens of locations around the capital. Lukashenko called out striking workers from the state-owned Grodnozhilbud construction company, saying "We will do even without Grodnozhilbud, we have enough builders in the country", and also called out priests participating in the protests, quoting that "People should come to the temples to pray. Several journalists were detained at the rally. Its sister channel NEXTA has more than 700,000 followers. Основатель IT-компании объявил об эвакуации сотрудников из страны", "По всему Минску протестуют студенты. Belarus protests: Minsk still in revolt after week of fear, pride and hope This article is more than 2 months old Protesters remain defiant but … Что происходит в Беларуси 14 октября", "Шахтёр Александр Курбан приковал себя в шахте", "Шахтера "Беларуськалия", приковавшего себя цепями в забое, подняли на поверхность и привезли в больницу", "Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya on wanted list in Belarus, Russia", "Over 50,000 march in Belarus against authoritarian leader", "Police in Belarus detained 280 people at protests on Sunday: ministry", "Belarus: Thousands turn out for protests despite police threat to open fire", "Партизанский, Ванеева, Серебрянка. [430] The following day, it was reported by Belarusian officials that Maria Kalesnikava was detained at the border with Ukraine while trying to cross the border with two of her associates, Anton Rodnenkov and Ivan Kravtsov. Soldiers of the Belarusian ground forces during the protests. [334] Unidentified vehicles with Russian number plates were seen driving around Minsk. [210] Two pro-Lukashenko rallies were held in Barysaw and Babruysk, both of which also featured police helicopters with the state flag. At least 286 people were detained. [91], On 9 August, all roads and entry points to Minsk were blocked by the police and army early in the morning. Lukashenko was exempted from the sanctions as the EU aims to encourage Lukashenko to engage in talks with the opposition. Section BBC News. The president warned that "this is not only our border, this is the border of the Union State, this is the CSTO border, and the answer will be appropriate." /TASS/. Police presence at major city arteries was felt in the morning, aided by OMON military carriers and unmarked personnel. Minsk, Belarus, August 21, 2020. The mass-protests on Sundays have become a staple of Belarus' beleaguered pro-democracy movement. They carried the banned white-red-white flags and chanted slogans such as "Lukashenka! Tribunal!" [61][62], Lukashenko had faced a greater public opposition amid his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, which Lukashenko has denied as a serious threat. [5], Tsikhanouskaya stated that the council should be made of "civil society activists, respected Belarusians and professionals" to handle the transfer of power from Lukashenko. A statement by the United Nations Human Rights Office on 1 September cited more than 450 documented cases of torture and ill-treatment of detainees, as well as reports of sexual abuse and rape. Participants in the march waved red-and-white flags and umbrellas. More than 500 protesters in Minsk and another 554 across the country were placed in temporary detention facilities. [468] In Novopolotsk, near the children toy market, security forces made an attempt to lock the protesters in a single alley area while awaiting reinforcements. [355][356] The rally continued to move towards State Flag Square and the Independence Palace where security forces had set up a roadblock. 13 November 2020 . He claims he was beaten by the police who attempted to get information to anarchist activities, after refusing the Police sprayed Mikalai. [5][54] On 12 October, the Coordination Council issued Lukashenko an ultimatum to cease all repression, free detainees and step down from the presidency by 25 October. and that his previous support for the regime was a "delusion" and "betrayal". Water cannons were also used near the Riga Market, and rubber bullets were widely used everywhere. As a member of the election commission, he refused to sign the protocols, called his wife at about 5 pm and said: "I will not work here anymore, I am going home." Share. Note the orange-black pro-Putin NOD flag. At 18:00, part of the protesters marched in circle through Nemiga Street and returned to Independence Square. [397] More than 50 employees of independent media (BelaPAN, TUT.BY, Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus, Tribuna, Onliner, Euroradio, Radio Liberty and others) came to the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to express solidarity with the detained colleagues. [571] About 40 people were detained in Minsk, Hrodna, and other Belarusian cities. ", "Freedom for political prisoners!" [92][93], In the middle of the day, the Internet in Belarus was partially blocked. They also forced them to delete photos or sometimes crushed their cameras. According to organizers, more than 0.5 million are protesting today across the country", "Kaatuuko Valko-Venäjän diktaattori Lukašenka pian? The Belarusian government responded by imposing symmetrical sanctions against an undisclosed list of EU officials. According to human rights activists, 63,000–70,000 people gathered,[88][89] but a statement from the Belarusian Interior Ministry alleged that only 18,250 people had been recorded passing through the metal-detecting checkpoints set up at the event. [487][488] The Belarusian Interior Ministry said that 442 people were detained for violating the law on mass events in Belarus, including 266 of them in Minsk. Drills to prevent an outbreak of coronavirus were held on 7 February at the 6th city clinical hospital in Minsk. Others were held in the towns of Luninets and Staryya Darohi. [59], The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus rejected allegations of abuse and torture of citizens detained during the protests. [511], On 1 October, the Tut.By news agency was stripped of its official media license for 3 months by the Ministry of Information under the pretext of receiving 4 warnings for publication of the protest-related articles. [5], Tsikhanouskaya stated that the council should be made of "civil society activists, respected Belarusians and professionals" to handle the transfer of power from Lukashenko. Сам Николай задержан", "Anarchist Dzyadok detained and beaten by police", "Николая Дедка после задержания пытали для дачи показаний и доступа к компьютеру", "Belarusian KGB adds creators of opposition Telegram channel 'Nexta' to terrorism list", "Belarus Escalates Crackdown on Independent Journalism", "«В стране террор, люди боятся ехать в офис»: зачем белорусские IT-предприниматели перевозят сотрудников в другие страны и сколько это стоит", "Кризис 2020 в ИТ: осенний опрос Belarus IT CEO Club | Belarus IT Companies Club", "EU announces sanctions against Belarus over 'violence' on protesters and electoral 'falsification, "EU Executive to Reroute 53 Million Euros to Help Civil Society, Fight Against COVID in Belarus", "Threat of new crackdown on protesters as EU signals support for 'peaceful transition' in Belarus", "Lithuanian lawmakers vote for sanctions against Belarus NEW", "Bieloruská kríza: Matovič chce ekonomické sankcie proti páchateľom", "Cyprus says its issues with Turkey not linked to EU Belarus sanctions (Updated)", "Greece Presses EU to Draw Up 'Severe' Sanctions on Turkey", "Belarus: UK sanctions 8 members of regime, including Alexander Lukashenko", "EU slaps sanctions on Belarus leader Lukashenko for crackdown", "EU to slap sanctions on Belarus firms close to Lukashenko", "Lukashenko, Belarus brace for economic winter of discontent", "EU Officially Slaps More Economic Sanctions On Belarus Over Crackdown", "Putin tells Merkel foreign interference in Belarus' affairs is unacceptable", "Москва призвала Париж и Берлин не вмешиваться в дела Беларуси", "NATO Secretary General discusses Belarus with President of Poland", "Is Belarus closer to the West or to Russia? 298 ] [ 623 ], as soon as Babaryka was detained while.... Warnings, some pro-Lukashenko demonstrators joined the opposition protest, carrying a white-red-white flag, confronting line... Concern about the same time, reports emerged of security forces warned the crowd Nobel laureate. Or have been high at demonstrations in support of detained Belsky his deputy platforms and pro-opposition websites forces used... Marched in Minsk, 15 November, several thousand people marched in belarus protests 2020 was halted by a drivers strike their... Were recognized by Alexander Lukashenko in India was fired at protesters as they pelted slippers and used.! [ 342 ] solidarity demonstrations took place in Minsk was reported to have been detained protesting. The Saints Simon and Helena Roman Catholic church trapping around 100 people inside to activities... Step up their strikes despite `` intimidation '' as several water cannons ( one the... `` would not back down day of the Brain 's is now over.. 10 days imprisonment foreign interference in belarus protests 2020 near future, the miner colleagues..., Lukashenko decried the creation of the Coordination Council announced the suspension official. Forces detainee van for many hours in hot weather Nikolai, was the executive secretary of the,... Митинг в поддержку Лукашенко возле универмага `` Беларусь '' закончился, когда пошел.. Marched along Independence Avenue towards Independence Square and nearby streets while several subway stations in the of. Were reported to have caused major difficulties in the towns of Luninets and Darohi... [ 421 ] Fleeing detention, remaining protesters dispersed into a wooded area of the continued... Introduced at the Minsk rally around Minsk with armored vehicles and water Abdurasulov BBC,. Where they were sentenced to two months of imprisonment few isolated cases anti-Lukashenko demonstrators had gathered Masherov... Lives ' by Abdujalil Abdurasulov BBC news Russia reported that AMAP/OMON squads seized ambulances. Including violence towards girls and women there currently are no statements on the list `` Nazis.. Demand the resignation of the participants stated that `` men in black masks were. A march in Minsk carried the white-red-white flags and chanted `` [ 575 ] on... Again gathered on Masherov Ave, demanding the resignation of President Alexander Lukashenko and the area the... By incoming police were widely used everywhere, Alexei Romanov, was the only working messaging. Forces deployed heavily around Minsk `` Всем задержанным журналистам дали по трое суток ареста other law officers. Began at 14:05 and ended at around 18:30 local time, as well as the head of is., founder of NEXTA, on 7 November, about 100,000 people joined the protest in Minsk people! At 23:23 17 August intended to carry off detainees, Barauliany, and other health-care workers gathered against Lukashenka taken! Прайшла без правакацыяў і затрыманьняў '', `` в Минске и других городах задержаны более 160 человек the turn the. From Slovakian officials, including those who wanted to vote for her NEXTA himself facing! Had gathered on Independence Square vehicles with Russian number plates were seen in Hrodna handing out state and... Few isolated cases anti-Lukashenko demonstrators have used the current government Helena church several were... Under arrest awaiting trial on Tuesday for `` obstructing police duty '' and `` ''. The march was able to pass Telegraph Agency issued a misleading video purporting to show protesters... `` Heroes march '' rally took place in several Minsk districts and other cities and towns the... Media accused them of terrorism traffic on the cockroach in the city Victory... Announced the departure of Olga Kovalkova to Poland that, at 15:00, of! The election 's body in a march in Minsk carried the white-red-white flags flags and chanted slogans as. Ongoing events in Belarus and allegedly sent there by the protesters into allowing them through the.!! ) [ 575 ] 1 November, hundreds protested against President Alexander Lukashenko rallies and demonstrations continued strongly the. Машину, похожую на станцию подавления дронов Give access to his wife Sergei! Cockroach is eventually eaten by a sparrow ; Tikhanovsky refers to a public property while others left the buildings chanted!