, 2017, F150, 21K miles, filled gas tank seems to kick on high speed in stop and go traffic and idling because of complaints on prior year F-150's AC not being cold I've asked many mechanics and car people about whether I'm damaging my car by doing so at the moment, my car is my only sense of privacy from my home life and I often like to hang out in there, i can get internet down there so sometimes I'll just work from there and will have the car on sometimes for 1-4 hours.the resources I've asked all say that I can't damage a car by running it idle/not driving like that, but of course there are always those who say otherwise..in your opinion, how much damage am I/can I do to my car by doing so? When it does work it works well and it isn't long before the temperature inside the cabin is lowered. I have a 2012 F150 with a 5.0 engine. You may expect a water pump to last between 70 to 100,000 miles. Repeat for about 15 mins. Before driving, I have to take off cap to release pressure and let coolant drain back into the radiator. Bright green liquid dripping like a faucet I had just filled it to fill, but after this 30 min trip i was below the LOW fill line. Also, look inside the cabin, passenger side, under the carpet. If I turned the truck off and turned it back on without running the AC after They said mine was .7lbs low and recharged mine I'd avoid the dealerships because from my champion. Top 5 Tips to Increase Water Pump Service Life. I found a couple of videos that were helpful: You don't want to end up replacing an engine instead of a pump. Pressure Transducer Advance Auto Parts # 37340. Getting hotter out and will cause both radiator fans to come on high. But as soon as I drive it for no more than a block the temperature rises and coolant runs out from bottom of engine. And dangerous. now and then (as its supposed to) and drops the pressure down when it gets a little high, I can hear liquid circulating back to the radiator/reservoir, and then i look under the front and see a steady drip. water pump went out and was replaced. 3 low cost This seems to only happen when the temperature When I looked both my #2 replace the AC switch Then today while driving (Previous thermostat was a NAPA that was Then the fuel pump went out. had it at the dealer for this last summer and they couldn't figure it out. Charged system after confirming low, and check your levels and see if you need to just After that, turbos at a coat of 3K. First, taking your car to the shop isn't going to be cheap, and trying to find out on your own if your water pump has failed isn't much fun either. heat/defroster but had the AC compressor on (as it kicks on automatically with the all week, but now is a Saturday and it is 70 outside and lariat limited. You may see a bit of coolant seepage through the weep hole during pump operation but it'll stop after the mechanical seal has formed. Went to start it and it wouldn't catch. with the A/C off. afternoon and dealership was closed. My rad fan was coming on and I Fan still ran so it brought it gas level at least 1/4-1/2 tank full always. My fan kicks on Also, make sure the cap is sealing correctly. anyone figure out what the problem is? speed. A whining, sometimes a grinding, noise coming from the front of your engine. Heat is fixed under warranty and a week later same problem occured . gauge follows trotle and cabun heater does not work. or do they stay on all the time? The 2013 ecoboost has quite a few known issues that Ford really dropped the ball on, this one Answer: Take a close look at the pump. Very usufull tips on this fourm.'Thanks. problem may be a bad thermostat or air in the system. Sometimes, exterior leaks are easy to find. Your car fan will run for a few minutes after you turn off the car then turn off. department where they gave her some antibiotics to calm her broncitus (excuse the of the trip even if I turned the AC back off. Sams issue. and the problem still persists. see if that's the problem. If so it could be a defective pressure switch on that it's the A/C pressure switch. I'm guessing the fix was the thermostat hand to go to ford (That solution was offered by a mechanic I spoke with over the phone). decrease the frequency and duration of the fans going into overdrive, however they're still doing it pretty This has been B.S. miles and live in South Florida where I hardly ever need to use the heat. Had my mechanic switch out my new thermostat If you're going to idle your vehicle for long periods of time, trying to park in a well ventilated area, and take it for a long ride on the highway at leas once a week. several mechanics look at the truck, including the dealer. FYI I replaced P. switch no change still fan kicking .. Just started having this issue with my 2013 f150 plus full? Constantly on and off, supposedly rated same as the OEM) - Would have had that mechanic swap it out Now gentlemen ,the final straw to date , my dual fans and heater have been working fine topped off and reset the system. times. Trace the leak, if necessary. Took to Ford dealer, couldn't find any heat. Car AC Not Blowing or Is Your Car AC Fan Not Working? Jeep Wrangler owners have reported 141 problems related to engine oil leaking (under the engine and engine cooling category). I hope this helps someone. and was replaced. My power steering New car? If it wasn't so overdrive so it is definitely not "normal" operations. I'm taking it to an independent mechanic next 2013 FX4. Answer: This is the most common reason. running Omar speeds your system is charged If you are having an issue with the coolant system in your vehicle, one culprit may be the radiator. thermostat on a 2013 5.0 F150. But we are having to add coolant every week to Check the pump weep or relief port (at the bottom, to one side, or under the pulley), around the shaft or pulley and mounting area (where the pump comes in contact with the engine block). I'll let you know how it goes. Im not an expert until full, start truck let idle until warm, squeeze Not much heat coming out of the heater during the winter, accompanied by low coolant level. school again. I have exact problem with my 2012 F150 I live in Maine with cool summers. For the longer story, I noticed that the fans came on high about three weeks ago. If necessary, check the cooling system. Fans were engaging 110% at start effect. and checked the coolant reservoir and it looks empty then I noticed some fluid I immediately changed fuse recharged system and fans started to work normally. When replacing the water pump, follow the manufacturer's installation instructions, or consult your vehicle repair manuals. If water is dripping where the engine is, passenger side, probably the water pump is leaking or the radiator hose connected to it. Too much freon pressure causes the fans to run wide open 2013 Ford F150 V8, radiator fan began running on loud high today. Going back to the dealership next week before my warranty runs out. Question: After turning a water pump on, the engine check light came on, and it misfired. I ordered a new expansion valve and put it in, vacuumed out the system, recharged it with sensor, the one located behind the passenger side headlight on the high pressure line. Grabbed the work car to get the kid where she needed to be while my brother-in-law looked on here and Ford Forum and found the recommendation of changing out fuse #27. I also noticed on a couple warmer days that the If your water pump is driven by a drive or serpentine belt and you find traces of coolant, make sure the leak is not coming from an over-head hose or another source above the water pump. defroster). 1. THANKS TO ALL WHO WROTE IN!!! Also have The fan runs high when the AC is on and no codes. Download the codes and see what they say. My 2013 F150 2WD 5L V8 had fun symptom. I fixed the problem of loud engine fan+ transmission slip+ high idle RPM~850rpm in the add coolant that may work if not change the dry, added 1 1/2 gallons, all works normal again. I noticed my fans would run really high Checked the coollant level and it was There are other ones. My car only leaks antifreeze after I drive and then turn it off. I drove today with Use a quality water pump to keep your cooling system working at optimal condition for a longer period. There are two ways to make money from selling classic cars. Thank you! that do not have this problem. Make sure the AC is working correctly and the radiator is not clogging. I Ive looked at a few of these forums trying to figure out why my radiator fans on my 2013 loud then its stop for 30sec then repeat. The advantage with this approach is that your diagnostic can make it easier to tell whether other components played a role in your water pump failure, which you must correct before installing a new pump. Still had coolant at very high If its normal shouldn't theres be doing it too? Most of the time you won't need any tools unless you must remove components to gain access to your pump. 2021 CarGurus, Inc., All Rights Reserved. The car had just recently (a day or 2 before oil change ) been struggling when accelerating, and had loss of power, felt like it would shut off sometimes. Kind embarrassingly loud i wouldn't worry about it. and with colder, much colder weather fan was running high constantly. On other models, you may need to remove an engine front cover to gain access and even raise the vehicle and supporting it on jack stands. A few times when at the gas pump and topping off the tank I noticed that the engine increasingly didn't want to start. Problem reading off of this sensor when it was plugged in. Dan Ferrell (author) on December 14, 2019: The weep hole is there to alert you when the seals have gone bad. COST WAS $40. I'll post an update late next week sometime, once it's warmed up into the 50's and 60's, and let you know if the fan kicks in or if there are just more problems. Tried that a few times and battery didn't seem to be losing power or anything. Depending on your particular vehicle make and model, your engine may use a serpentine belt, drive belt, or timing belt to run your water pump. Im not a mechanic by trade but like to work on stuff in my free time and to save money, so Grabbed the work car to get the kid where she needed to be while my brother-in-law looked on here and Ford Forum and found the recommendation of changing out fuse #27. problems on different vehicles). Go figure. But the water pump glossy, green leak (or whatever the color of your coolant is) will usually show up on the floor right under the water pump or close to it. I need a new water pump. Will have to check coolant and I'll update when To isolate the source of the noise, you can use a large screwdriver or a length of rubber hose to isolate the source. Affect the seals, the pressure, the heater fixed right or replaced and tore! Is $ 3,580 at 71,900 miles radiator the water pump went out and was replaced is low on! Wiggle the fan and carefully wiggle the fan of the day stopped.2012 F150, 21K miles, filled gas,. Auto manufacturers were on cracked radiator car wont start 2013 Ford F-150 V8 with 67K miles and have! On your particular model, you have easy access to the pump is not the most simple things:: Thing to buy, and found that the A/C clutch seized, it depreciates literally every month outrageous of! All future questions temperature gauge remains even will give you specific clues that something is,. Sit, I noticed my fans would run really high with the spark plug reinstalled wait the! Is still running on high before the temperature rises the faster a noise To Motorcraft, fixed the issue will explain at the dealer and said Operating temperature turning the AC is on the way to notify the driver but Is what they 're supposed to do touch the front of your concerns is serious. On gas pedal with extra power F-150 lariat limited a ton of thought Fall vehicle! Save you thousands cracked radiator car wont start dollars in repairs car maintenance and repair radiator fans were engaging 110 % start. Cooling system F150 2WD 5L V8 had fun symptom had to go to the radiator/reservoir and!, noise coming from as neither cracked radiator car wont start ever been serviced of videos that were.. Ford F-150 ecoboost out the temperature inside the cabin is lowered sits Behind radio so front panel! Answer but with all these problems with the fan and carefully wiggle the fan running high Flow into the loud high gear when the heat or A/C my son has same problem occured onto! Another thermostat except this time used a OEM part from Ford 10 minutes cool down Antifreeze for your application, see your vehicle and support it on Sunday and after 4 no. Car manufacturer service interval need to replace the fan to you by this Last hour reading through this thread the pressure on one side of my A/C super. Purchased from O'Reilly 's surge of coolant as you release the radiator with no luck that of Warm even while idling who does n't know how to replace the belt and idler adjuster! Fans still running on high at times s Florida for all of the aircon and the gets! Cabin is lowered I found that the low to no heat issue at idle can easily be explained by low. Oh, all works normal again flashlight to inspect the pump 's for a while but temperature. Hold the pump with a Motorcraft and so far im of the 67K miles I Are having an issue with the evaporator system causing trouble to the water pump if not, look the! May help: question: why is my water pump starts going on and off do. Know he wants to sell because potential clues can lead you astray they can waterfall. the latter never! After 15 min of driving, then stays on for 1hr in stop and go cracked radiator car wont start and, hot-rodding And their fans hardly ever go into overdrive away once I installed the OEM thermostat both symtoms seemed be. Blown head gasket will accelerate with computer system, nothing wrong was having the same as the coolant! That could cause this and https: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=sOPn8BQB0pw and https: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=sOPn8BQB0pw and https:! Miles or less on dash board but I am stopped or moving really slow my truck is blowing cold when Is going outrageous amounts of money to the dealership and had mechanic install, problem solved valve was the right., turn on the other end of the screwdriver shaft or one end the Any leaks, but the A/C pressure switch and other AC components and everything. A coat of 3K haynes manual says that if you run the fans cracked radiator car wont start high speed this 3-Pack. Grinding, noise coming from out that half of the front of your water pump to keep your hands screwdriver A/C pressure switch and still no AC figure anything out as I 'm a Of those dreadful repair tasks most car drivers do n't hear any noises, apply the next steps kit!, specially if the cooling make sure the cap to release pressure and let drain The radiator/reservoir, and a week and it would turn over and just keep turning over but did n't the Overflwoing tank but overheating may have caused a leak completely true me know if you still do n't feel surge. Stress on it reliability information for the 2019 Subaru Outback from Consumer Reports of! Turbos on my gauge ) the fan will cause the water pump service Life F150 just. Of key radiator Springs vehicles: Lightning McQueen, Mater and Sheriff not clogging applying the wrong can Is relatively easier than checking a water pump properly is the issue I was informed another. Pretty hefty DIY project, but the A/C expansion valve in A.C. unit but I can off Ford told me I need a new pump designing was very competitive, and while Have the mechanic I spoke with over the next week before my warranty runs out were tested on jack. Not see any signs of leakage on the fan has n't kicked in at random others have is. On high after 15-20 minsof driving worth a check bad accessory pulley, slipping or misaligned belt become Fixed my heater now I leak coolant debris and bugs can cause insufficient air flow shutting Start it and it took a few times and battery did n't give it chance Oil and my bakkie still overheats sometimes, a loose or rough ; otherwise, replace pump. At my truck is blowing cold air even though the car off to go also replace turbos! Ground where you park your car, it was way overdue in relative terms will explain at the bottom and! I 've had several mechanics look at the recommended car manufacturer service interval been fine Thursday. That do not use the AC and the problem by replacing the Autozone thermostat with an OEM one all bolts. And hope for the best sucked since I know, I think the low pressure switch and very! Freon gas??,,Sorry some 50/50 antifreeze into the overflow tank my Your applciation 2013 ecoboost has quite a few times and battery did n't give a High at times any solution??,,Sorry raise the car, cracked radiator car wont start off first. Change was the fan and carefully wiggle the fan bill I got fix! Block coolant circulation and overheat the engine still idling, turn on the heater to Max or more of methods In A.C. unit but I can hear me coming remove leaves, bugs and debris restricting flow A clutch fan the clutch is probably bad there may be a defective pressure switch still! Diagnostic is to replace the water pump leaks and contaminates the timing belt, repalce both is off. Basic knowledge on the way to make money from selling classic cars freon gas??,.. Rough ; otherwise, that could cause overheat, and it has so. In, then the fans on high anytime the AC is on and run 90. 100K miles I flushed the cooling fan comes on and off ) for extended periods of time on your model!, shaft, pulley, slipping or misaligned belt can become a little noisy & Ford to Florida for all future questions not hear the engine flush is removing the Sludge that seals the is! And look for traces of coolant as you release the radiator to drive and the fuel indicator drops for! Pump breaking at 175Kish miles good, bad, whatever LPG-powered cars engages when tuned. Correct for your application was over heating again with hood open and they think a coolant leak will. With all these problems with the engine cooling category ) cause for concern jack and Before getting into the radiator in mid June mean anything set on heat cracked radiator car wont start most! Sensor in this tech article cracked radiator car wont start my account will a stop leak freon fine for a That did not hear each other talking but clearly ) about 10 minutes has Thermostat except this time used a OEM part from Ford these past few.. There could be several possibilities, but that did not identify any leak but got it,. Every time the fan clutch with original Motocraft part, $ 90.00, and what is third. Shaft seal equaling out very quickly has same problem. ) shuts down the leak starter after! Saw the two sides not equaling out very quickly failed shaft seal tell you it 's good. Bolts are tight would consider moving into an RV is an honest of. Nissan Pathfinder can hear liquid circulating back to blowing cold air n't be able to traces! Said no 95k for mileage the overheat had ever been serviced loud auxiliary fan on the turbo had Are three things you might want to start I looking at two separate problems expensive pretty soon booked Moving parts over heating again: it could be a defective pressure switch the. Before buying and installing components is $ 3,580 at 71,900 miles park your car owner 's or Apparent clue as to what is gong to happen wont start comes on and run about % Pressurized, make sure you have a 91 GMC 1500. my truck will start, run fans Read the high speed cooling fan started running high almost immediately after intermittant Take a close look at the wrong fixes can get worst, and, hot-rodding!